About the artist and the art...

My roots in fiber art go back to when I was a teenager in Miami, Florida. It was the late 60's and macramé was all the rage. I made the usual plant hangers and owls, but eventually branched out into freeform wall hangings and knotted sculpture. In 1986 I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband Jeff. It's here that I saw the work of fiber artist Tina Johnson Dupuy and was inspired to revisit my love of knotting in the form of jewelry.

My favorite form of creative expression is making one of a kind necklaces. I use macramé on a fine scale, as well as other fiber techniques such as embroidery with beads and soutache. Cavandoli Knotting, a type of knotwork which resembles tapestry weaving, is featured in much of my work. I draw on an intuitive design and color sense and get my inspiration from tribal cultures, Asian art, and natural forms.

To request a pdf of my currently available necklaces, email me at joan@joanbabcock.com.

I enjoy having the opportunity to present a new and updated perspective on macramé to a wider audience through my books: Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Wired Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Micro-Macramé Jewelry Vol. II and my DVD; Micro-Macramé & Cavandoli Knotting.

Galleries - Handwoven Originals in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You can find more of my work at my artist page on Facebook.

For more information about my jewelry and fiber art... Email me at - joan@joanbabcock.com or write me... Joan R Babcock, 16 Camerada Rd., Santa Fe, N.M., 87508.