Joan Babcock Necklace

Joan Babcock Necklace

"Cazimi Collar " - Cazimi is an Arabic word meaning "in the heart of the Sun". The centerpiece of this collar is a two-sided rounded pendant. On one side is a star with an antique button at it's center and on the reverse side is a sun design. A wire core goes through the pendant's center and it can be flipped over to reveal either side. The pendant is suspended from the collar with antiqued copper chain. The same chain in various shapes and sizes is draped and hung from the collar as ornamentation. The round magnetic clasp echos the pendant design. The piece is densely knotted in Nylon cord using the Cavandoli technique. The cord is hand dyed in some areas to achieve the look of something ancient. Dimensions - 13”L X 7.5”W X .5”H

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