To Blog or Knot to Blog?

OK, I’ll come right out and say it …. this blog’s all about me. Sure, it’s title, “My Life in Knots” refers to the type of art I’ve devoted much of my creative life to and what I’m mostly known for – the oft underrated craft known as macrame. But it also hints at my day to day life as someone who earns her living in a creative field. And while I’ll surely include some macrame related posts from time to time, this will not be an “all things macrame” blog. Oh no, I go on all sorts of creative tangents! My primary purpose is to have a place to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want (continuing the “all about me” theme). It’s a space where I can share pictures of some things I’ve been working on and occasional observations about this crazy creative life. Sooo, here goes…. perhaps I’ll pick up a few followers along the way….. hope so

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