Wire Weaving and Crochet

Woven Rose Window Pendant

Last week I got my complimentary copy of the Spring 2012 WireWork magazine. I  contributed to the issue with my project “Woven Rose Window Pendant” (page 50). I think the issue’s been out for several weeks now – as a friend mentioned a while back that she saw my article, but I think it’s still on the newsstands until May 19th.

I got interested in weaving with wire after being awestruck by the work of artist Marilyn Moore. I was honored to meet her at BeadFest Santa Fe in 2011 and buy some very skinny wire from her. I wish I’d had the extra cash to buy one of her finely woven wire vessels. Take a look at her website, you’ll be amazed!  I believe she’ll be at Bead & Button this year, as will I. 

Crocheted Wire Fan Earrings

One of the classes I’ll be teaching there is “Crocheted Wire Fan Earrings”. These are my favorite style to wear lately – they really make a colorful statement. Although they’re on the large side, they can be downsized a bit and still look good. I’ve been revising and perfecting the instructions for the last few days. As all you teachers know, these classes take a lot of preparation! There are still openings in the class, if you’re so inclined…

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