Wrapping & Coiling

As you may have noticed, as of today my blog has a (slightly) new name. When I googled it I found out that someone else had a blog with the same title (My Life in Knots) as mine and (gulp) she had it first!  Now any truly smart person would have checked this out before naming their blog but I didn’t – so henceforth my blog will be “This” not “My” Life in Knots. No big whoop…

Waxed Linen Hair Ornament by Joan Babcock
But since I’m here I thought I’d share something I did recently that doesn’t have anything to do with knots but has a lot to do with fiber. Last April I took a class with fiber artist Ferne Jacobs. It was a treat for me to relax and be a student for a change (no pressure!). Ferne makes these incredible wrapped and coiled works of Fiber Art that are truly wonderful. Anyway, I haven’t gotten very far on my coiled basket that I started in class (as it is equally time consuming as knotting) but I did think that wrapping and coiling would have some interesting jewelry applications. I’ve done wrapping before in some of my pieces using Nylon cord, but waxed linen really is easier to work with. 
This is a hair ornament that I made with waxed linen wrapped around rope. I’m working on a bracelet next – I’ll post a photo when/if I finish it.


  1. love this wrapped piece, good to see you writing on your blog (thanks for the updates in your newsletter) & look forward to your next book !

  2. Would love a bit more detail on this wrapped hair ornament. What did you wrap it on? How did you hide where it joins. . . Thanks so much, I enjoy your blog.

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