Over the years, I’ve experimented with dyeing certain pieces of my knotted jewelry. At first I tried “Acid Dye”, so named because it requires an acidic additive like vinegar to set. At the time I thought it was the only dye that was suitable for nylon cord. It required a hot dye bath, which was a problem if I wanted only certain portions of the piece to be dyed or if I wanted to apply the dye with a paintbrush, rather than throwing the whole thing into the simmering dye bath. I never could figure out the correct amount of vinegar to add and theRead More →

Do any of you remember the Jackie DeShannon song from the 1960s called, “What the world needs now is love sweet love”? (written by the fabulous Burt Bacharach). That song has been going through my head this past week, but somehow the words changed to “what the world needs now is more macramé owls”. Hmmmm, do I have macramé on the brain? Well yes, I confess, maybe I do. I imagine this must be true of artists everywhere, that we are always thinking of ideas for our art and ways to make them happen. But what does that have to do with macramé owls, youRead More →